The Face Workout

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Work your facial muscles with the Face Workout, an exclusive facial massage roller by LABAREAU.

The White Crystal stone is one of the most exclusive stones used in facial massage tools. These facial massage techniques have been used for ages in ancient Chinese medicine.

The Face Workout massages the face to improve blood circulation. Removes toxins and improves the flow of oxygen. Decreases puffiness around the eyes.

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The Face Workout – How to use

Apply a serum or moisturizer to the face. Use The Face Workout across the contours of the face to lift and contour. Start from the center of your face and slowly work outwards.

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  1. Daphne

    This is my first time using a tool like this. I wanted to try it for the puffiness I sometimes experience in my face. I’ve been using this in the evening and I’ve noticed my skin feels so much more firm. A new part of my beauty routine.

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